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Good moods only.

No more depressing news or divisive content. Pick your mood to feel peaceful, happy, curious, and more. Discover new shows based on how you feel or want to feel.

Moko on iMac computer

Stream for a good cause.

$1 of every $3.99 subscription goes to a charity. Every. Single. Month.  A streaming network that raises your mood and makes an impact.

Fit your mood.

Feel good content to match your mood.

Living the Creator Life

MOKO exists to decrease negativity and increase good. We believe creators as champions for good in a good mood environment is a worthy enterprise.

MOKO is the little streaming
network with a big dream.

Our small team launched the MOKO platform in Beta phase, online only for now, to start growing the MOKO community. Streaming app available soon. Let us know what you think we can do better, email